The Persian lime (Citrus Latifolia L.) known in Mexico as “seedless lemon” corresponds to a variety of acidic limes. Famous for its high content of vitamins, proteins and iron.
The harvest is handmade. For each tree of 3 to 5 meters of height the workers collect the fruit manually taking care not to damage it, favoring with it the quality delivered to our clients.

Once the harvest process in the field is finished, the fruit is transported to our packing factories where they go through a selection process and disinfection system that guarantees the safety of our product.
Our production lines are integrated by a computerized system made up of two processes: “pre-sorter” selects all the lime that does not comply with the export characteristics and the second; “Sorter” selects the lemon by color and size according to the quality standards that our markets require.

Our lemon is packed by hand selecting the fruit according to its size, quality and color. Caring for safety in this process always giving security to our customers.

We deliver to our customers a fresh product due to our “cold chain” which allows to maintain the adequate temperature to conserve the shelf life level through a heat extraction process:

1.- The packaged fruit is received at room temperature of 28 to 32 degrees centigrade.
2.- It is stored in pre-cooled chambers which allows us to lower the temperature to 7 degrees in a period of 4 hours to be able to store it in conservation chamber and / or load directly to the transport.
3.- The transport is pre-cooled to a temperature of 7 degrees so as not to lose the cold chain.

Finally, the fruit is transported by land to the United States of America and by sea to Europe.